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Images can be licensed for publication, including advertising and editorial brochures, magazines, web site, posters and reports. Licence fees depend on the intended use and are tailored to suit the required terms of use.  So that I can provide an accurate quote, please supply at least the following information:

Licensing Types

Rights Managed License - Under Rights Managed terms, you are paying a licensing fee for the rights to use an image for a specific agreed upon project or usage. The paid license fee grants the use of the image or images for the agreed upon usage or time period only. The image will not be sold or distributed whilst the Rights-Managed Agreement is in place. Pricing is negotiated based on the intended use, circulation and/or quantity of the final product to be produced and the length of time the image will be used. Anaspides Photography will not attempt to sell or distribute any image that is rights managed. If you represent a company with a published price list or have a fixed budget for your project, we will try to work within your price range. We do however have a minimum fee per project policy.

Rights Managed - Non-Exclusive License - You will be purchasing the licensing rights to use an image or images for a specific agreed upon project or usage only. All copyright and ownership rights are retained by Anaspides Photography. Further, Anaspides Photography can continue to market and sell this images (s). Unless negotiated otherwise and a written commitment is made, Anaspides Photography will continue to market and license to others all images that are licensed under our standard non-exclusive use terms. Any use beyond that of the originally agreed upon project or usage, requires the prior written authorization of Anaspides Photography. Digital and/or electronic reproduction of any kind, including use on Web Sites constitutes a unique use and is subject to licensing fees in the same manner as all other printed media or other reproduction.

Royalty Free Licence - Royalty free means that an image can be purchased outright and used for any purpose that the buyer wishes. However, the buyer will not have sole use of the image as with a Rights-Managed Agreement.

Private Purchase - Images can be purchased for private use (non commercial - see below) as a high resolution .JPEG, PSD or TIFF file or as a mounted or un-mounted print.

Non Commercial usage is defined as image use that does not earn the buyer a fee or reward through initial sales, on-going sales or distribution. Examples are; framed images in the office, personal screen savers, or images used in the home for decoration. Any image ordered will be individually post processed from the RAW file to ensure the utmost in sharpness and colour accuracy.

Any image purchased that does not meet with your satisfaction, can be returned for a FULL refund minus postage/freight charges.

Image Quality

All photographs have been taken with Canon professional level camera bodies (Canon 5D MK2, 1D MK3 S or 1D MK4) and Canon L grade lenses. Images have been recorded in RAW format at the highest possible resolution possible.

Any image that is licensed or purchased is post processed from the RAW file on a request basis to ensure sharpness, colour redention and quality to the required output..

The images in the stock gallery have been reproduced in Jpeg format at relatively low resolutions. This assists to facilitate quick uploading and browser viewing and is not indicative of final quality.

Pricing and Payment

Pricing is dependent upon the final usage of the image. The majority of sales are rights managed and rights managed - non-exclusive licenses.

If you are interested in purchasing prints for private use (including office), please e-mail me for a pricing schedule.

Several methods can be used for payment; direct debit to an Australian or American bank account, Pay Pal (credit card), money order, bank cheque, or if previously arranged private cheque. Please use the contact form if you have questions.

Image Volume & Species

Much of my work is client generated. As such, many images are not listed on the website and blog. If you are searching for a particular image or theme, please e-mail me.

Why use a Professional Photographer?

A good question which deserves a good answer.

As cameras grow in digital sophistication it is becoming easier for everyone to get pleasing results for apparently little cost. However, using an amateur to take an important picture can be a false economy. The impact a professionally taken image has on a client's market is far stronger than that of a quickly grabbed snap from a digital camera.

Professional photography will sell your product or your company, amateur photography will not.

Photographers are not just technicians. A professional understands how to capture images that are right for a client's business and convey the message required. Their experience enables them to obtain successful results in almost any situation.

It is as important for the photographer as it is for you that the images are right for your business and convey the message you require. As a proportion of your media/print budget, the cost of commissioning professional photographer can be small.

Four important points to consider are:

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