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29 March 2012 - Updated portfolio. photo of the month and linking to Blog and 500px increasing interconnectivity between site.

05 February 2012 - Working with an overseas coservation agency supplying imagery & short video clips.

06 March 2011 - Still on the trail of the Tasmanian Devil photographing nocturnal devils in the wild - a challenging assignment.

15 Nov 2010 - I've just been notified that I am the winner of the Gold Award (Environmental Category) at the CGIPP photojournalism awards. I have been asked to travel to China to receive the award and represent Thomson Reuters UK.

24 July 2010 - Next on the agenda is to weed through all my files deleting those images not suitable or required. Following this, will be selective post processing and upload to appropriate named galleries on the web; a time-consuming process.

24 July 2010 - Full integration of web site, blog and image galleries with search functionality is now complete. Note that website has full functionality with FireFox, however, IE7 may have background colour issues

05 March 2010 - A wildlife workshop, to observe and photograph Australian wildlife including Tasmanian Devils, wallabies and wombats is being developed. I am hoping to release information in the near future.

04 March 2010 - Awarded Honourable Mention by National Press Photographers Association - Best of Photojournalism 2010.


Gallery Photographs & Quality

The images in the stock gallery have been reproduced in Jpeg format at relatively low resolutions. This assists to facilitate quick uploading and browser viewing. Any image that is licensed or purchased will be processed from the RAW file to ensure 100% correct colour accuracy and sharpness to the required output.


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