Completed Assignments & Trips (archival since January 2006 only)


Sep / Oct 2011

Masai Mara - East Africa

I will be spending 4 weeks in Africa (Kenya) with German photographer Uwe Skrzypczak who specialises in publishing wildlife books. We have our own vehicle and guide allowing unparalleled access to the Masai Mara & other areas. In addition to photographing iconic species (chettah, leopard, lion, hyena,etc) we will be documenting the annual migration

April / May 2011

Alor & Flores Island Groups - Indonesia

SCUBA diving and underwater photography. Frogfish and cyyptic creatures are the target species

Dec / Jan 2010-11

Falkland Islands - South America

Observe and photograph Southern Elephant Seals, Penguins, Black-browed Albatross & other seabird species

Nov 2010

Shanghai - People's Republic of China

Attend CHIPP Photojournalism Awards (Gold Winner - Environmental Category)

Nov - Dec 2010

Ambon Region- Indonesia

Underwater Photography. Macro and Wide Angle - Nudibranchs, Frogfish & Hammerhead Sharks

Oct - Nov 2010

East of Tonga - South Pacific

Humpback Whales & Calves, Sperm Whales, Dolphins & Seabirds, Joining three photographers on a 9 day dedicated trip to document Cetaceans. The group is very small (4 people only) which will allow greater interaction with the whales. (confirmed)

June 2010

South Australia

Observe and photograph Australian Fur Seals on Kangaroo Island & short trip to Flinders Ranges to photograph Yellow- footed Rock Wallabies

Jan 2010

New Zealand

Observe and photograph seabirds, in particular Ganets, Penguins, Albatross and New Zealand Sea Lions


Nov 2009

Offshore Islands - Tasmania, Australia

Observe and photograph sea birds, penguins and other marine mammals

Nov 2009

Polar Bears in the High Arctic, Canada

3 week trip to observe and photograph polar bears, arctic fox and other animals in the Arctic Circle in Canada

Oct 2009

Devil Task Force, Tasmania, Australia

Observe and photograph conservation efforts to maintain the biodiversity of this this Australian iconic species with the Devil Task Force Team (Tasmania Govt.) This will be a one week field-based trip

Sep 2009


Assignment to British Columbia, Canada to observe and photograph humpback whales, black bears, pine martins and spirit bears in the Great Rainforest. Based upon a 72 foot sailing boat for 8 days

Jul 2009

Yosemite National Park (High Sierras), California USA

- Landscapes and wildlife photography

- 9 days hiking at altitudes between 7000 and 10,500 feet

Apr 2009

Flinders Ranges, South Australia

- Landscapes and wildlife photography

- Camping from four wheel drive vehicle

Jan-Mar 2009

United States of America

- Attending NANPA in New Mexico (photographic conference)

- Landscape photography in desert regions of California, Arizona and Utah

- Wildlife photography (grey whales, sea birds, sea otters and elephant seals)

- Yellowstone National Park - winter landscape and wildlife photography

Dec-Jan 2008/2009

Papua New Guinea

Underwater Photography at Tufi, Oro province, Papua New Guinea

Sep 2008


Assignment to British Columbia, Canada to observe and photograph humpback whales, black bears, pine martins and spirit bears in the Great Rainforest. Based upon a 72 foot sailing boat for 8 days

Aug-Sep 2008

Alaska, USA

Assignment to Alaska to observe and photograph coastal brown bears, eagles, marine mammals and landscapes in the Katmai and Lake Clark National Parks

Sep 2007


Expedition to central Australia to observe and photograph the Perentie Lizard (Varanus gigantus) which inhabits the inland arid and sandy regions of Australia.  The perentie is Australia's largest lizard growing to around 2 meters in length.  It also is hoped to photograph the elusive and shy Yellow-Tailed Rock Wallaby and Black Rock-Wallaby, an endangered Australian macropod species.  In addition to wildlife, landscapes will also be photographed during the 4 weeks which will be spent camping from a four wheel vehicle in several central Australian deserts

Mar-Apr 2007

Papua New Guinea

Diving expedition to Papua New Guinea.  We are joining a small group of videographers who are filming a documentary on undersea life in PNG for National Geographic.  The team will spent 5 weeks aboard a 35 meter live-aboard dive boat based from Milne Bay.  I will spend 4 weeks onboard the boat and Jolanda will spent 3 weeks.  It's hoped to dive many remote areas not often dived    

Dec-Jan 2006/2007

New Zealand

North Island of New Zealand.  Landscape and bird photography. Main aim is to observe and photograph the courtship displays of the Australasian Gannet 

Aug-Sep 2006

United States of America

Photographic expedition to Minnesota state, USA to photograph black bears & other wildlife.  Side trip to Custer State Park and Badlands National Park in South Dakota to photograph prairie dogs, pronghorns, elk, mountain goats and bison.  This will be followed by one week in Yellowstone and Grand Teton National Park to photograph moose in the rutting (breeding) season, wolves, and hopefully grizzly and black bears.  An added attraction to this region will be the vibrant fall colours. If time permits, I'll also take a quick side trip to Devils Tower in Wyoming   

May-June 2006

Papua New Guinea

Diving expedition to Rabaul, Papua New Guinea;  one of my favourite diving locations.   I will be diving some unexplored reefs further south along the Gazelle Peninsula.  We will continue the search for a World War Two aircraft that was shot down in the area, and unless erupting, an ascent to the cone of Turvurvur Volcano is planned 

Jan 2006

Western Papua (Indonesia)

Diving expedition to Raja Ampat (formally known as Western Papua).  Diving in this area is frontier diving and we will have chartering an Indonesian based live-aboard for three weeks.  A small side trip to Bunaken Marine Park and to Lembeh StraitsĀ  in North Sulawesi is also planned


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